Inheriting Wisdom ™
Inheriting Wisdom ™

Find Out What's Going on Behind the Money™

Every family has its pain points. Add large sums of money to manage, a family business or an inheritance that requires extensive planning, and every issue, large or small, becomes magnified.

Through a series of gatherings and family experiences, Inheriting Wisdom identifies the pain points, helps you work through them and provides meaningful solutions to get your family back to business in no time.

Create A High Performance Family™

Inheriting Wisdom offers unique services that can strengthen your family.

Consultation and Getting Acquainted

A series of gatherings to get to know you and your family and begin to identify the current roadblocks to high performance. We are sensitive to the varying concerns and situations within family dynamics.

Moderation, Planning, Creation and Support

By getting to the core of the concerns, we start to get behind why talking about money can be so awkward and uncomfortable. We can help facilitate:

-   Building bridges and transitions
-   Successions in the family business or generational leadership
-   Family gatherings and experiences
-   Organize timelines to develop structure around the family office and design communication systems
-   Setting parameters for high performance family committees to work with trusted advisors

Establishing a High Performance Family

Through family gatherings and experiences, Inheriting Wisdom provides a strong foundation for members to draw from, creating a cohesive, decision-making family.