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Category: SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTMaking Intelligent Decisions in an Overwhelming World

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Category: SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTLido Family Office Investment Symposium


Category: SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTLido Family Office Investment Symposium

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Category: SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTWhen Governance is Not Enough: What's Really Going on Behind the Money

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Speaking Engagement: March 26, 2015

When Governance is Not Enough: What’s Really Going on Behind the Money

Family Firm Institute Midwest Chapter
Chicago, IL


Speaking Engagement: April 17, 2015

Women’s Health and Wellness:
Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Calamos’ Women & Wealth

Naperville, IL

Speaking Engagement: April 29, 2015

The Psychographics of Wealth Transfer

Global Family Office Summit

Los Angeles, CA


creating a high performance family

Dr. Carolyn Friend and Dr. Jamie Weiner are distinctively qualified to discreetly guide families to work together to sustain wealth. As Wealth Whisperers™ they have the keen ability to listen to what’s really going on behind the money. They help families put processes in place to ensure their legacy thrives.



Every path to creating a cohesive decision-making family is different. It starts by having candid and productive discussions, and then Inheriting Wisdom helps to guide your family to healthy dynamics. Our distinct services that stem from our Family Dynamics Detox encourage a collaborative team that’s aligned, always with the family’s legacy in mind.


re-engage the family, strengthen a legacy

Our philosophy is this: by having candid discussions about wealth and legacy early on, you can build bridges between generations, develop strategies to enhance your enterprise and create a high performance family. By delving into what’s really going on behind the money and identifying roadblocks, families can come together on a united front, before a major incident or change in structure and dynamics happens.

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