Inheriting Wisdom ™
Inheriting Wisdom ™

Building Families that Thrive

Through strategic planning, coaching, and consultations, Inheriting Wisdom equips family members with the tools that build strong families. We assist in transition planning, such as wealth transfer, succession in the family business, and generational leadership.

In a global world, the complexity involved in managing high net worth, multi-generational family assets is daunting.  Families are kept awake worrying about:

Money: When do we tell our children about our wealth?
Transparency: Should every member of our family see the financials?
Advisors: Is our advisor addressing the issues that we care about most?
Leadership: Do we have the leaders for the family business?
Legacy: What values do we want to transcend generations?

Sustaining the wealth of a family across generations, obviously, is mission critical to a family's future. However other issues, often subtle, prevent a family from succeeding in future generations.

Our work addresses the key issues that sustain families and help them thrive in a complex world.

With more than four decades of combined experience working with families, our founders, Dr. Carolyn Friend and Dr. Jamie Weiner, strengthen the family traditions of their clients, leaving a legacy of strength, mission, and leadership.