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Meet The Wealth Whisperers™

Dr. Carolyn Friend and Dr. Jamie Weiner – a wife and husband team—have vast experience working in unique environments with people from all walks of life. They are exceptionally qualified to help families increase performance and sustain wealth for generations to come. By tapping into what’s really going on underneath a family’s wealth, Jamie and Carolyn find the root of the problem. They help families work through strategic next steps and guide them to becoming a cohesive, decision-making unit.

As Wealth Whisperers™ they calm the storm and re-engage the family, so everyone can get back to business.

Dr. Carolyn Friend

After experiencing the loss of her parents, within six weeks of each other, Dr. Carolyn Friend took a leadership role for working through the plethora of family decisions that needed to be made. This experience led her to realize that the greatest gift her parents left as an inheritance was the wisdom of how they modeled collaboration, inclusion and shared decision making within their family. This insight altered her path. She understood that “wisdom” is an integral part of the foundation for many family legacies.

As a family legacy consultant, and in her roles as founder of Meaningful Conversations and co-creator of Inheriting Wisdom, Dr. Friend is inspired by the power of intentional communication. She believes in its ability to unlock the potential that families have to create a lasting legacy. Dr. Friend is dedicated to helping families identify their pain points as she guides them to work through their roadblocks and take action to move forward with purpose.

As a clinical psychologist, former professor, national presenter and a local community leader, her work has impacted many. She also has a Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute.

Board Leadership and Certifications

  • Certificate in Family Business Advising, Family Firm Institute (FFI)
  • Think Tank Member, Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI)
  • Former Board Member, The Standard Club
  • Former co-chair of the Women’s Committee, The Standard Club

Dr. Jamie Weiner

With a multi-faceted background in speaking, coaching and counseling in environments ranging from Cook County Jail to exclusive global VIP forums, Dr. Jamie Weiner’s expertise and strategic approach to guiding people helped to develop Inheriting Wisdom’s ability to transcend any complication within a family’s dynamic.

As a co-creator of Inheriting Wisdom, Dr. Weiner is focused on helping families garner meaningful communication between generations and provide solutions to sustaining wealth and strengthening family legacies. His ability to address dynamics across all walks of life brings the most tentative or disruptive personality types confidence, particularly when it comes to transitioning sensitive topics into high performance behavior.

Dr. Weiner is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years experience. In addition to his work with individuals and families, he successfully designed structured programs and systems to address the broad range of challenges people face, and is credited to delivering over 100 lectures and workshops. He also has a Certificate in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising from the Family Firm Institute and is the co-author of The Legacy Conversation: the missing gem in wealth planning.

Board Leadership and Certifications

  • Global Board of Directors, Family Firm Institute (FFI)
  • Chair, Family Firm Institute Practitioner
  • Member of Chicagoland Study Group, Family Firm Institute (FFI)
  • Think Tank Member, Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI)
  • Certificate in Family Wealth Advising, Family Firm Institute (FFI)
  • Certificate in Family Business Advising, Family Firm Institute (FFI)

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